This page will be maintained with a series of links to Fairport Convention related web sites.
Apart from their official site, it will be frequently updated with links to the current projects of members, past and present.

TalkAwhile - The Folk Corporation Forum

A hugely popular bulletin board, with over 1300 members.
There are sections dedicated to several artists, including Fairport Convention, plus more general music subjects and our own virtual pub.

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Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention

All new Fairport Convention web site. Directly from the offices of Matty Grooves.

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St Agnes Fountain

St. Agnes Fountain

Its December again and St. Agnes Fountain are on tour.
The celebrated annual collaboration between Julie Matthews, Chris While, David Hughes and Chris Leslie, have a 16 date tour, a new studio CD and a single.
CLICK HERE to visit the web site and read what's new.
Jacqui McShee

Jacqui McShee

Jacqui McShee's Pentangle are currently working on a new CD, in preparation for their UK tour, in Spring this year.
To read all about it CLICK HERE and visit the new web site, that is being written by Spencer Cozens.

The original web site, with historic material about Pentangle is still on-line and can be accessed HERE
Maartin Allcock

Maartin Allcock

Currently working on a huge range of projects, which you can read about on his frequently updated web site.

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Other hosted web sites:
David Hughes - Author songwriter and guitarist
Playa Paraiso - Information about an area in Spain
Al Stewart - You should have listened to Al
FC Domains - Domain name sales (pays for the hosting)